The first collection will derive from the heart of the art world, the center of  what some will say is the world. In a city that screams, “see me”, exists a borough that telepaths, “feel me”. Brooklyn has an undeniable vibration that pulls the most amazing characters from the world to center stage to act out the life they’ve always desired. Set on a stage rich with history and ever-evolving culture, Brooklyn cultivates the exploration of self to any one coming into her nurture with an open heart. The artists of the Black Contemporary Art world congregate in her palms, immersing themselves into a script that is read and felt by many. These artists are not all born and raised in Brooklyn, but they all have been raised to a higher consciousness by her at some point. A borough vibrant in love, rich in history, thrown into the grips of “development”, Brooklyn has produced an environment of uncomfortable truth.  These artists, their crafts,  nurtured by her energy have taken a piece of her with them, forever a child of her experiences, forever a piece of her history.