Experience The World of Contemporary Black Art With A Gallery Like Collecting Experience. Curated Art Collections Designed To Bring You The Finest In Contemporary Art.


Set can be placed in smaller spaces, used as accents with

larger pieces, or used in combination to

create visually intriguing montages.


For a taste of the Dexter R. Jones experience without going

“full size,” his stunning Divine Series are the answer.

Each one captures a unique facet of woman .


The first collection will derive from the heart of the art world, the center of  what some will say is the world. In a city that screams see me, exist a borough that telepaths, “feel me”. Brooklyn has an undeniable vibrations that pulls the most amazing character from the wolds story center stage to act a life they’ve all desired. Set on a stage  rich with  history and ever evolving culture  that cultivates self to any one coming into her nurture with an open heart. The artist of the Black Contemporary Art world congregate in her palms emerging themselves into a worlds script that is read and felt by many. These artist are not all born and raised in Brooklyn, but they all have been raised to a higher degree by her at some point in time. A Burough vibrant in her love, rich in her history, thrown into the grips of “development”. These artists have developed themselves and their craft in her energy taking a piece of her with them, for ever a child of her experiences. 


Sophia Dawson

Stephen Smallwarner



Captain Plug

Dexter R. Jones


Our story is your story, and together we will change the wows of the world.